Pests multiply quickly!

Pests Multiply Quickly!

Pests multiply very quickly. Each pest has various ways to breed. Don’t we all love pests? Although, a mouse does not have a long life-span, a female can breed about 25-50 babies in a year. If a few mice find their way into your home, an infestation can soon follow.
Female & male roaches have pheromones that give off a scent to other roaches, to help them reproduce. Roaches have a dating ritual, similar to courtship – the female dances for the male, exposing the membrane under their wings. Females lay eggs in a protective cover known as an ootheca. The ootheca is carried throughout a few days, being glued to the floor by salvia. Roaches breed rather quickly, if you see two in your property, act fast!
“Queen Ant,” is the most important ant in the colony. She is the only one who reproduces. She mates one time and stores the male’s sperm until she fertilizes the eggs she produces. Female & male ant’s lose their wings once they mate. She finds a place to live and raises the colony as workers. Unfortunately, the male. usually lives an isolated life until he dies. Ants are very quick workers and create tunnels to transport new eggs into special chambers to hatch. Ants are small but very mighty!
Pests & rodents have interesting breeding processes. The best thing to do when you run across an unwanted guest in the home, is to allow a Pest Control team to inspect and treat the home. There are various components to treat a home with many environmentally safe methods to control the pest/rodent.

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